Spice Villa Thekkady+91 9446130252

+91 86063 09508

Riverdale Villa - Kumarakom+91 9847150624

+91 9539211315

Spice Villa Thekkady+91 9446130252

+91 86063 09508

Mistletoe Munnar+91 8606332011

+91 8606342011

  • Mistletoe

    Mistletoe Munnar - a boutique baker's home stay

  • Riverdale Villa

    Riverdale Villa Kumarakom - a bouquet of boutique experiences

  • Spice Villa Thekkady

    5 Premium rooms set in 2 acres of spice plantation and a Grill House

Sisal Wellness

Sisal Hospitality is a private limited company; a team of young professionals from the hospitality industry is inspired to create benchmark ripples in the wellness and hospitality industry by sharing their passion for holistic wellness, knowledge, skill and industry exposure in hospitality operations along with a deep sense of respect and commitment to the rich-old Indian traditions of hospitality blended with international standards.

What Sets Sisal Wellness & Hospitality Apart?
  • We operate multi- faceted Resort properties which mean that we have a clear understanding of both the business and leisure client.

  • We strive for profitability in all revenue centres; whether rooms, food and beverage, activities or spa, each of them is driven to create its own profit.

  • We apply our Operating Procedures selectively to our individual properties, adapted to local cultural requirements and tailor made for each hotel.

  • We engender a culture of willingness, of pro-activity, of friendliness and of hospitality, the staff actively seeking to anticipate the needs of the guest.

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