Sisal Portfolio

  • Riverdale Villa - Kumarakom - a bouquet of boutique experiences
  • Spice Villa Thekkady - a premium plantation resort
  • Mistletoe – a boutique home stay, Munnar, Kerala, India
  • Sisal Spas – Punarjanma at Mantra Resort Veppathur, Kumbakonam and Spandini – At Ragamaya resort Munnar

At Sisal you experience a wellness journey along the ten domains, not just a treatment or Therapy. The element of water is a very subtle inclusion in different forms; steam, hot and cold showers in the well furnished cubicles attached to the spa suits, mist and dews, occasional drizzles and rains graced by nature. Nourishment for the body is well thought as you are served with healthy and natural food. The movement will be an essential part of life in at all Sisal locations. A simple stroll among the trees and ferns or a light trek towards the nearby cardamom plantation or paddy field village and is part of the ritual whether you like it or not.

At Sisal resort spas or wellness centers everything is well organized in relation to space, rhythm. Respect for nature is an important factor as all treatments and spa rituals are in tune with the changes in nature and changing weather conditions. At Sisal locations cultural expressions are distinctly spread over with care and attention. A Personal and social integration of mind, body and spirit is encouraged and made possible through the activities in the resorts such as bird watching, trekking, farming, and learning local cuisines etc. Social Responsibility as an essential element of a wellness destination is practiced and adopted in subtle ways yet creating lasting ripples in the local community. Lastly here you are led to relax as you rejoice, as you rejoice, you rejuvenate in a simple co-existence with nature. Listening to your own heartbeats along the murmur of trees you get to reflect to yourself, blooming with the long lost spiritual, mental and physical energy.

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